When the snow flurries fall—or if you’ve just had a rough day—there’s nothing quite like a warm bowl of soup to cure your woes. Here are six bowls of soothing goodness to curl up and unwind with.

Katsu Ramen

Choose from six different ramen options at this cozy Aurora shop. We always return to the spicy chicken version, with its slightly sweet, umami-bomb broth. Topped with ground chicken, a jammy-yolked egg, chewy noodles, a fish cake, and peanuts, it’s one of the best bowls of Japanese noodle soup around. 1930 S. Havana St., 303-751-2222

Pho Duy

This Vietnamese restaurant cooks up some of most flavorful pho broth in town. The massive bowls start at just $6.75, and include your pick of meats such as brisket, tendon, and (our fave) rare marinated steak. Pile on the bean sprouts and fresh herbs to punch up the flavor. 945 S. Federal Blvd., 303-937-1609

Woody’s Wings N Things

Although it might be one of the least photogenic dishes we’ve sampled of late, the khao piak sen (billed as simply “Laos Soup” on the extensive menu) is also one of the most comforting. Thick, chewy noodles made of rice and tapioca flour are cooked in savory chicken broth, giving the soup a thick, creamy texture. The cilantro and fried garlic topping and accompanying jalapeño slices, bean sprouts, and fiery red chiles cut through the creamy in a most welcome way. 6817 Lowell Blvd., Westminster, 303-427-0302


Sure, they’re dumplings, but the piping hot soup encased within each of these heavenly bites makes them worthy of inclusion on this list. ChoLon’s fusion-inspired take on the Chinese soup dumpling is stuffed with a cheesy, Gruyère-laden sweet onion soup. You get four to an order, but trust us—you’ll want to order another round. 1555 Blake St., 303-353-5223


When it comes to stews, Silla’s pork kimchi jjigae is near the top of our list. The vibrant red concoction offers a delicious balance of funky acid thanks to the aged kimchi, and the gochugaru (Korean red pepper flakes) add an enjoyable level of spice. A generous amount of tender pork rounds out the bowl. 3005 S. Peoria St., Aurora, 303-338-5070

Vital Root

Like everything else on the menu, you can be sure that Vital Root’s curried red lentil soup is free of white flour, refined sugar, and unhealthy oils. This wholesome, delicious bowl boasts roasted red pepper, buckwheat groats, black lentil tabbouleh, and a cooling dash of cumin-flavored yogurt for creaminess. Make it a full meal by adding tofu for $3. 3915 Tennyson St., 303-474-4131

—Photo by Rachel Adams

Callie Sumlin
Callie Sumlin
Callie Sumlin is a writer living in Westminster, and has been covering food and sustainability in the Centennial State for more than five years.