The holiday season—also known as a month of overindulgence and generally forgetting all healthy habits—is officially upon us. Beyond the extra pounds, all that excess can also dry out your skin and cause puffiness. But there are things you can do to prevent that tired look. Tamara Hutchins, founder of Zen Redhead acupuncture and meditation clinic and organic skincare line, has spent 13 years studying acupuncture and Chinese medicine and is a believer in holistic beauty and balancing the body from the inside out. In other words: She’s the obvious person to turn to for advice on looking rested and radiant during a season that is anything but. Here, Hutchins shares her top six tips, plus a peek at her favorite beauty products.

Eat Well. Limit your intake of sugar and alcohol, as both can dull your complexion. To achieve radiant skin, eat colorful foods, which will keep your system balanced. Incorporate root vegetables and light, spiced additions (such as onion and ginger) to help keep energy levels up.

Stay Hydrated. Denver is high and dry, so skip caffeine (which can dehydrate your skin) and reach for green or white tea instead. Advice: If you overindulged the night before, add lemon to your water; it balances the body’s pH level and is also a great astringent for skin.

Relax. Make sure to stick to your exercise routine and get plenty of rest (that includes not using electronic devices before you go to sleep). It’ll help you achieve—and stay in—a healthy mental space.

Pamper Yourself. It’s a busy time of year, so help your system detoxify with weekly massages, steam sessions, or facials. If you don’t have time to go to a spa, create one at home with an Epsom or sea salt soak (the mineral is a grounding element in Chinese medicine). Try adding Dr. Hauschka Rose Nurturing Bath Essence ($30) to unscented sea salts (which are available at Whole Foods).

Replenish Skin. Keeping skin hydrated and the moisture barrier intact are essential to maintaining a dewy complexion. Hutchins uses Zen Redhead’s Angel Mist ($25) as a toner or hydrator (it works great when flying), because it’s packed with essential oils for hydration. Then, she layers on the Replenishing Facial Oil ($60), which penetrates and protects dry skin. Tip: Don’t forget to apply your products to the décolleté area (a French term referring to a woman’s neck, shoulders, upper back, and chest); like our faces, the skin in this area is thin and delicate.

Consider Facial Rejeuvanation Acupuncture (FRA). When we’re stressed, our bodies’ organs (remember: skin is our largest organ) don’t function properly, which is why we sometimes experience fatigue, irritability, anxiety, or digestive problems. All of these can present on our faces as a dull, pale complexion (much like when we are sick with the flu). During the 90-minute FRA session, a patient’s overall constitution and organ imbalances are evaluated and then brought back into harmony using very fine acupuncture needles. FRA is proven to stimulate collagen production, improve muscle tone, tighten pores, decrease inflammation (like puffy eyelids), and even heal blemishes and scars. Patients can go right back to work or out to a holiday celebration with no downtime. Series treatments are $125; maintenance treatments are $145

Bonus: The Five Beauty Products Hutchins Can’t Live Without

Clarisonic Mia sonic facial cleansing brush ($149)

L’Occitane Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam ($28)

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Facial Vitality Serum ($25.49)

Coola Baby SPF 50 Unscented Moisturizer ($36)

Zen Redhead Zen Gloss ($7.50)

Visit: Zen Redhead acupuncture and meditation clinic is located at 1776 S. Jackson St., Ste. 302, 720-935-8553;

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