It’s one of the Denver art community’s favorite times of year: Month of Photography Denver (MoP), which is making its sixth biennial appearance in the Mile High City. (If we’re being technical, it’s actually Months of Photography, plural, as many shows run into April.) 5280 sifted through the hundreds of goings-on for you and pulled together a handful of exhibitions you shouldn’t miss.

it’s all here in black and white (figuratively speaking). A showcase of captivating black-and-white images; most of the included photographers are based in Colorado. Tbellphotographic Studio|Gallery, March 20 to April 4

Visions of Light. MoP curator Mark Sink calls Palmer Lake’s arts venue, “one of the best for displaying art in Colorado.” In this exhibition, view how different photographers play with, interpret, and use light to convey a specific message. Tri-Lakes Center for the Arts, Palmer Lake, through March 28

Playing with Beauty and Role Play. Don’t miss these simultaneous exhibits, which are running at RedLine, an MoP hub for artwork, lectures, and workshops. Playing with Beauty offers varied artistic interpretations of a very subjective topic, while Role Play features all self-portraits. RedLine, March 14 to April 25

Grays. Curated by 5280 photo editor Sarah LaVigne, Grays is a collection of 36 works by four photographers, all of which explore the world beyond the black-and-white of initial perceptions. Space Gallery, through March 28

New Frontier. Aerial photographer Evan Anderman takes to the skies again with a new series focused on what he calls “the sometimes fuzzy boundary between the city and the countryside.” Check out pieces like “Red Hawk Ridge, Castle Rock” (pictured, right). (Anderman’s work can also be seen as part of Dynamic Mapping at Abend Gallery, which opens March 20.) Evan Anderman Photography, through April 25

Alternative Processes. In an ode to non-traditional photography, the Art Students League of Denver presents a show filled with pinhole, cyanotype, wet and dry plate processes, inkodye, polaroid art, solarisation, and more. Art Students League of Denver, through March 18

Far Between. Photography isn’t all about capturing a realistic moment. In this group exhibition, view surreal and fantastical works by seven photographers. Robischon Gallery, March 19 to May 2

Daliah Singer
Daliah Singer
Daliah Singer is an award-winning writer and editor based in Denver. You can find more of her work at