The USA Pro Challenge comes to a climactic conclusion on the streets of Golden and Denver this Sunday, and you’ll want to know where to be before the yellow jersey-wearer pops the celebratory champagne. Here are seven spectator-certified spots that provide a better-than-television vantage point of the action (click here to see the full stage 7 map).

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North Table Mountain Park

This otherwise-unassuming hiking and mountain biking recreation area is actually the perfect place to watch the start of the final stage. When the riders blast up CO-93 and around 64th Avenue, you’ll be able to see several miles of bumping and jostling without going anywhere (if you climb high enough, that is).

19th Street in Golden

The main thoroughfare in downtown Golden is sure to be packed, so you’ll want to bring a tall friend (or a selfie stick) to take pictures for you. The energy of the crowd and the view of the iconic “Welcome to Golden” sign make it all worth it, though.

Lookout Mountain

After seven days of hard racing, this notorious “King of the Mountain” climb is a decisive point in the competition. Give the riders some encouragement on the steeps, and reap the benefits of an extended viewing time with the slower pace.

32nd Avenue in Golden

This street is the main artery connecting the Golden and Denver sections of the stage, and its proximity to North Table Mountain Park and 19th Street means that speedy spectators can double-dip their viewing experience by jetting to 32nd while the peloton loops around Lookout Mountain.

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Speer Boulevard

With a grassy interior and plenty of bridges crossing the Cherry Creek, Speer is the perfect spot to catch the riders before they make their final charge into downtown Denver. Bring a picnic blanket and some grub to make a day out of the brief spectacle.

17th Street

While the smart money says to go all the way to City Park (the stage’s eastern-most point), savvy spectators can catch the peloton twice without moving an inch, as the riders race to and from the park before the finish.

Civic Center Park

Get here bright and early for a magnificent view of the finish on Broadway. Pay close attention to Colfax, however, to get a preview of the probable winner before he blasts down 13th Street and rounds the final turn.

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