Social distancing. Self-isolation. It feels like the the coronavirus news is changing by the hour—and let’s face it, it’s stressful. If you’ve had enough of the negative headlines and are ready to do something solely for yourself, how about trying some self-pampering? Here are some relaxing bath, body, and skincare potions that not only help to relieve tension, but also support local storeowners. Note: Many shops are offering everything from special discounts to curbside pickup, but some may also be closed or will close in the future. Make sure to check websites or give them a call before you place an order.

Zen Redhead Skincare Replenishing Facial Oil, $60,

Tamara Hutchins of Zen Redhead Acupuncture Clinic is known for her transformative facials that use super-fine needles to do everything from stimulating collagen to brightening skin tone, as well as reducing anxiety and tension. But if seeing Hutchins isn’t in the cards right now, the next best thing is her Zen Redhead skincare line. Her Replenishing Facial Oil contains rose and ylang ylang, both of which are naturally anti-microbial and beneficial for the immune system, as well as anti-septic and calming vetiver oil. It’ll get your skin glowing and nourished, so you can avoid that pasty, trapped-indoors-for-weeks look. $60,

Spending weeks at home will give you ample time to indulge in something you probably rarely do—mask your face. Marie Veronique’s Probiotic+Exfoliation Mask is a multitasking product that breaks down built-up congestion and residual dry, dead skin, while simultaneously allowing for better product penetration. It gently exfoliates your face with natural enzymes and lactic acid (derived from milk, so it’s safe for all skin types, even sensitive ones, including rosacea-prone). Add in moisturizing shea butter and probiotic cultures to soothe and restore the skin’s natural balance, and you’ll see brighter, hydrated skin in just five minutes. $50, Sesen Skin Body Wellness, 1735 E. 17th Ave., 303-333-7546,

If you think your face is the only thing that could use a mask right now, think again. Dry, dehydrated and damaged tresses need pampering too. For that, we turn to Innersense, which has become a go-to for women looking to nourish their hair without weighing it down. The brand’s Hydrating Hair Masque uses a combination of ingredients high in fatty acids—shea butter, flax seed, tamanu, and coconut oil—to moisturize and protect hair, while quinoa protein helps rebuild the hair shaft. $30, Vert Beauty, 3442 W. 32nd Ave., 303-623-8378,

Olverum Bath Oil, $52,

If your whole body feels under stress, a good soak in the tub will ease your worries. Warm evening baths are therapeutic because they raise body temperature, which in turn relaxes muscles and soothes the mind—a great way to prep for a good night’s rest. For a fragrant, hydrating experience, reach for Olverum Bath Oil. Devised by German winemaker Franz Otto Klein back in 1931, Klein’s interest in essential oils led him to create this potion combining ingredients like Siberian fir needle (used by native wise women in a traditional balm to relieve aching limbs), eucalyptus (an aromatic oil with a soothing effect on the airways), and rosemary (known for its comforting and warming qualities). And because this oil is so concentrated, a half capful is all that’s needed before stepping into a blissful bath. $52 Aillea, Cherry Creek Shopping Mall, 3000 E. First Ave., 303-551-0564,

Luna Rosa Geode Bath Bombs, $10 each,

For those of you who prefer bath salts to oils, try one of Luna Rosa’s Geode bath bombs. Made to look like geode stones, these all-natural, handmade bombs come in four different colors, each one in a different escapist scent, including beach-inspired (pink), tropical (aura), and calming lavender (purple). Their wallet-friendly price means you can stock up even if you’re over-paying for toilet paper and hand sanitizer. $10 each, Balefire Goods, 7513 Grandview Ave., Arvada, 720-479-8434,

Even though you may be working from home, you’ll still be spending a lot of time on computer screens, cell phones, and tablets—by some estimates, as much as 10 hours a day. That means your skin and eyes are constantly being exposed to blue light. If you haven’t been alerted to the long-term damage exposure to blue light can cause, it’s everything from color changes and skin inflammation to collagen breakdown. And all that damage is being done up close and personal. To protect your skin, give it a mist of Derma-E’s Blue Light Shield Spray, which uses lutein—a major carotenoid present in skin cells—to help filter blue light and ginseng root extract to prevent free radical damage. $16.95, Whole Foods Market, multiple locations,

Beautycounter Body Scrub in Lemongrass, $40,

Now is the time to get that layer of dry winter skin off your hide with Beautycounter’s Body Scrub. With its mix of emollient oils like sweet almond and evening primrose, as well as brown sugar—a gentle, safe exfoliator that is still strong enough to get rid of dead cells—this scrub will give you soft, glowing skin, while also helping circulation. Bonus: The bright citrus scent is both fresh and energizing. $40, but now on sale for $36, 1801 Blake St., 720-325-2082,

Finally, don’t forget to stock up on candles, as they provide relaxation through ambiance and scent. For a little extra optimism, pick up Ritual Provisions Moon Batch soy candles (pictured above). These handmade candles are poured according to various phases of the moon, and charged with quartz to magnify specific kinds of energy. That makes them excellent tools for anyone who meditates or just wants to surround themselves with positive vibes. Although both candles pictured above were poured on March 9 during the Full Sap Moon (it’s the time of year when the sap of sugar maples starts to flow, also known as the Full Worm Moon), the clear quartz stone protects against negativity, attunes to your higher self, and relieves pain. All good things to have around you now! $36, Artemis Blend (black) and Full Moon Blend (white), Ritual Provisions Moon Batch Candles, Kate Maller Jewelry, 3450 W. 32nd Ave., 303-433-5324,

This story is part of The Stay Inside Guide to Denver. For more ideas on enjoying the Mile High City from home, click here.