There’s nothing wrong with the typical dinner-and-a-movie date—unless you live in Colorado. We love to brag about our proximity to the mountains and adventuresome spirit, so why shouldn’t our dates match that standard for excitement and originality? Here, we rounded up eight romantic outings that are worthy of the great state we call home.

Take a Dip in Some Secluded Hot Springs

Instead of staying holed up in a hotel or stuffy restaurant, take a cue from Colorado’s outdoor enthusiasts and find a bit of paradise outside. The Dunton Springs are surrounded by 14 cozy, ornamental cabins, a saloon, and a spa that offers a romantic couple’s massage. If you’re looking for a less pricey outing, Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort offers awe-inspiring views, inviting pools, delicious dining options, and a resort spa for an affordable $25 day pass.

Get High on Love

Love is the ultimate drug, but if you’re still hankering for an extra buzz, check out one of Denver’s My 420 Tours to catch a high with your honey. My 420 Tours offers a two-hour Wine and Weed tour, where you’ll visit a private lounge to smoke your supply and then wander RiNo, where you’ll hit up a winery. If you’re looking for something a bit more relaxing, the company also offers cannabis massages, using CBD-infused oils to give you extra relief. Wine & Weed tour starts at $29 per person

Brew Up Some Chemistry

Tour one of Denver’s esteemed breweries and learn why it’s the ultimate destination for craft beer consumption. The LoDo Craft Beer Tour weaves a route through the LoDo and Ballpark historic districts, with sample stops at microbreweries along the way. Or, choose to take a deep dive into a single brewery, like Great Divide Brewing Company, which hosts free tours of its brewery every day. $40 per person for microbrewery tour

Get Freaky—By Booking a Room at the Haunted Stanley Hotel

If you’ve ever seen The Shining, you know the Stanley Hotel—which inspired the film—is the safest, happiest, least-creepy place to take refuge in the cold heart of winter. Superfans should check out the Historic Stanley Night Tour, where you can learn about the folklore of the Stanley, and meet famed hotel guests (via re-enactors, of course) like Stephen King or F.O. Stanley himself. If you’re too jittery to spend the night, grab dinner and a drink (Redrum Punch, anyone?) at the Cascades Restaurant & Lounge. Tour is $28 per person and $25 per person for hotel guests

Courtesy of Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga

Take a Goat Yoga Class Together

Get ready for some heavy petting. During your hour-long session at Rocky Mountain Goat Yoga, you’ll be led through a series of relaxing poses (their classes are geared toward the beginner-intermediate level) while a herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats mix and mingle around you. Afterward, snap a few pics with the photogenic goat yogis, during a “Goat Playtime” session. Classes start at $30

Have Your Breath Taken Away From You

Hiking might as well be Colorado’s official pastime, so what better way to share a day with a sweetheart than to walk hand-in-hand on the trails? We suggest Dream Lake at the Rocky Mountain National Park, which is accessible in the winter and not too grueling if you lack expert hiking skills. More experienced hikers can check out Pikes Peak’s Northwest Slopes to catch some elevation, and cross “summit a 14er” off the old Colorado bucket list. (Note: This route is best when clear of snow, Late June to September) As always, make sure to check the weather before you go so you and your darling don’t hit a rough patch. Find more local hiking trails here.

Channel Your Inner Cartman

A love-to-hate-it Denver institution, Casa Bonita will give you and your date something to talk about. Originally popularized by the television series South Park, Mexican food isn’t necessarily the centerpiece of the Casa Bonita experience. What you’ll really be talking about are the divers and staged gunfights that the restaurant offers throughout the meal. Accentuated with a 30-foot waterfall, a fountain, a statue of an Aztec emperor, and a gift shop, the restaurant will not leave you under-stimulated.

Picnic at Dusk with the Ghosts of Cheesman Park

Use hushed tones, so you don’t stir the ghosts that still might linger around Cheesman Park. Grab a blanket and picnic basket, and head to the park that was once “Prospect Hill Cemetery,” filled with the remains of vagrants, criminals, and victims of typhoid in Denver’s early Gold Rush days. In 1890, the city decided to turn the land into a park and ordered the bodies buried on the land to be moved. Families were given 90 days to remove the remains of their loved ones, but still more than 5,000 bodies remained. The city then hired undertaker E.P. McGovern to move the corpses en masse. In order to earn more money for the chore—he was being paid per coffin—McGovern resulted to chopping the bodies up and stuffing them into children’s coffins, leaving body parts scattered among one of Denver’s most iconic parks. Quite romantic, huh?