Dish Towel: Colorado Map Kitchen Towel, $12, Counter Couture

Coasters: Upcycled Pine Bicycle Coasters, $35 for four, Sage 8 Studio

Cutting Board: Rectangle Cutting Board in “Retro Red Flowers” by Julia Da Rocha, $35, DENY Designs

Cubes: Hand-Polished Stainless Steel Whiskey Cubes, $24.95 for four, Sparq Home

Bottle Stopper: Himalayan Crystal Bottle Stopper, $60, Mapleton Drive

Wine Glasses: Zinful Wine Cup with Natural Wood Base, $33.50 each, David Rasmussen Design.

Terrarium: Glass Hanging Terrarium, $50, Beet & Yarrow

(Wine Glasses) Courtesy of David Rasmussen Design; (Towel) Courtesy of Counter Couture; (Terrarium) Courtesy of Beet & Yarrow; (Bottle Stopper) Courtesy of Mapleton Drive; (Cutting Board) Courtesy of Deny Designs; (Coasters) Courtesy of Sage 8 Studio; (Salts) Courtesy of Bespoke Salt Anthology; (Cubes) Courtesy of Sparq Home