In the past year, we’ve lovingly carried out crowlers of our favorite brews, keeping our favorite watering holes afloat. But as Colorado emerges from the pandemic, we’ve noticed some brave breweries who wouldn’t let a global pandemic get in the way of mashing, boiling, and fermenting their way to new taprooms—a feat both courageous and welcome as we get back to imbibing  in person. If you, like us, are craving fresh pints, check out some of these new taps around the state.

Stodgy Brewing Co.

1802 Laporte Ave., Fort Collins
Established: September 2020
Fort Collins’ highly-anticipated neighborhood tap room (constructed with reclaimed everything) serves up the classics—wit, pale ale, bock, Scottish ale, porter—and delivers. Feel free to bring Fido as you grab a flight—there’s plenty of shady, outdoor space and water bowls galore.

Try: Hazy IPA
A dry-hopped beauty with citrusy notes, big piney taste, and grapefruit finish provides an unusual smoothness. It’s a winner for summer sipping. Monday–Wednesday, 1–9 p.m.; Friday, 12–10 p.m.; Saturday, 11 a.m.–10 p.m.; Thursday and Sunday, 12–9 p.m.

Peculier Ales

301 Main St., Windsor
Established: June 2020
Interested in an international tour of ales and lagers? You’ll find a nice selection here. Come for the kvieks, but stay for Peculier’s sour-fruited rotators, made with only the freshest seasonal ingredients. Bonus: There’s tons of indoor and outdoor seating for large groups.

Try: 305 Alive
Hello summer! This fruit-heavy sour, fermented with guava, passionfruit, and mango is bursting with both sweetness and tangy freshness. It’s a super thirst-quenching option to drink ice cold. At 7% ABV, this tropical delight goes down a little too quickly. Monday–Wednesday, 12–9 p.m.; Thursday–Saturday, 12–10 p.m.; Sunday, 12–7 p.m.

Peculier Ales in Windsor. Photo by Kristin Owens

Sheaf + Kettle Brewing Company

208 Oak Ave., Eaton
Established: January 2020
This one may be a nano taproom, but it’s serving giant flavors. From blonde and Scottish ales to tasty sours, these small-batch rotations showcase quality over quantity. It’s hard to find a favorite, but you’ll want to keep trying.

Try: 3 Sheaves
A robust porter with pleasing roastiness, great nose, and dark almond malts, this beer stands out for what it doesn’t have—no coffee, no chocolate, no coconut—just a straight-up porter with no frills. Thursday, 4–8 p.m.; Friday–Saturday, 2–9 p.m.; Sunday, 2–8 p.m.

Knuckle Puck Brewing

13782 E I-25 Frontage Rd., Longmont
Established: October 2020
This hockey-themed, kombucha-company-turned-brewery has a lot going on, serving up both handcrafted beers and kombuchas. The kombucha-first company started in 2017 but expanded into beer (focusing on pale and red ales) when it opened the taphouse last fall. With weekday happy hours ($1 off pints), it’s got a neighborhood feel.

Try: Top Corns
This simple cream ale is the perfect gateway beer for your Coors-loving, craft-resistant friend . They’ll never see it coming—with no nose, no fuss, and easy-going flavor, it offers up a squeaky-clean finish. Wednesday–Thursday, 4–8 p.m.; Friday, 2–9 p.m.; Saturday–Sunday, 12–9 p.m.

Ball Brewing

7025 CO Hwy. 82, Glenwood Springs
Established: February 2020
After a dip in Glenwood’s famed hot springs, choose a post-soak pint from Ball Brewing’s solid lineup of ales with on-the-nose profiles and surprisingly new flavors. Each beer feels like a twist on tradition.

Try: Asian Pearsuasion
Made with Japanese hops and natural pear juice, this blonde ale has a great, chewy mouthfeel with just the right amount of fruit essence. Delish. Monday–Thursday, 11 a.m.–8 p.m.; Friday–Sunday, 12–10 p.m.

A flight from Ball Brewing. Photo by Kristin Owens

Uhl’s Brewing Company

5460 Conestoga Ct., Boulder
Established: March 2020
From hazy IPAs to stouts to Mexican lagers, Uhl’s has a delightful potpourri of on-tap offerings. Ever taste a gose infused with dill and coriander? Now’s your chance.

Try: Hop Down
In addition to small-batch experimentation, Uhl’s offers terrific flagships. Here’s a textbook, true-to-form New England-style IPA with soft hops and a citrus nose. It has a super pleasing mouthfeel and sassy sweet finish. Wednesday–Thursday, 3–8 p.m.; Friday–Saturday, 12–9 p.m.; Sunday, 12–7 p.m.

Monumental Beer Works

2575 Hwy. 6 and 50, Grand Junction
Established: March 2020
Not only is this new Grand Junction institution, well, monumental, but so is its beer selection. Libations run the gamut from standard fare to fruit-infused classics, taking advantage of local orchards. Monumental offers lots of indoor and outdoor seating; a necessity due to the hordes of happy imbibers it attracts.

Try: Vine Beer: Ok, But First Rosé
This IPA fermented on pinot noir grapes makes for a berrylicious cooler. It’s light and refreshing, with no cloying sweetness to be found. The Vine Beers rotate out quickly, so consider stocking up with crowlers. Monday–Thursday, 11 a.m.–9 p.m.; Friday–Saturday, 11 a.m.–10 p.m.; Sunday, 10 a.m.–8 p.m.

Wild Provisions Beer Project

2209 Central Ave., Boulder
Established: June 2020
From the team behind Broomfield’s Four Noses Brewing Co., Wild Provisions is all about experimenting—notably with unique ingredients and barrel-fermentation, resulting in signature Belgian farmhouse sours that offer bold flavors and colorful hues. Enjoy the sophisticated beer lineup in the clean-lined, modern tap room.

Try: Ranch Chores Rum
With a smooth buttery rum edge, this beer presents vanilla notes and a pleasing, silky finish. Monday–Friday, 2–9 p.m.; Saturday–Sunday, 12–9 p.m.