Anyone who spends time in the woods or mountains needs gear that can keep up with his or her lifestyle. These eight items will get any hiker, biker, or canine companion ready for (almost) anything.

Great Divide Brewing Six Pack Carrier

Beers at the top of the mountain taste much better when they arrive in one piece. Great Divide Brewing Company makes carrying brews uphill easier with its six-pack carrier (pictured, above), which hooks around the top tube of any bike. Fastened by Velcro, bikers can peddle without repeatedly jamming their knees on bottle caps. Not a rider? The carrier functions for pedestrians, as well.

$17, available

Photo courtesy of Timbuk2

Timbuk2 Raider

Weighing less than one-pound, the Raider Backpack from Timbuk2 is ideal for any hiker or biker wanting to store the essentials, without feeling weighed down. Don’t fret about riding through muddy terrain either—just toss the Raider Backpack into the washer for a quick clean up (just remember to take your stuff out first).

On sale for $39 (originally $79), available at

Photo courtesy of Logan Waddell

Topo Designs x Tenkara Rod Co. Mini Kit

This fisherman’s fanny pack has all the tools you need for a fly-fishing excursion, conveniently located on your hip. The hands-free kit comes with a 10.5-foot collapsible rod, flies, Tenkara line and line clips, and a leader wallet to store flies. Everything is bundled inside the pack, which even has room to store keys, wallets, or sunglasses.

$298, available at

Photo Courtesy of George Prior

BBQ Dragon

Gone are the days of nervously watching the grill master attempt to revive coals by dousing them in lighter fluid from an arm’s length away. The BBQ Dragon clips to the side of charcoal grills and stokes smoldering coals by blowing continuous cold air, which provides more oxygen. Take the fire (re)starter on your next camping excursion or the backyard fire pit to maximize its potential.

$59.95, available at

Photo Courtesy of Katie Macarelli

Feedback Sports Bike Tool-Kit

Complete with 19 tools to tackle almost any bicycle repair need, this kit is must have for any biker who traverses up and down rough trails. The tool kit from Golden-based Feedback Sports is crafted with a nylon coating and even attaches to bicycle work stands, making it easy to swap tools while changing your chain or tires.

$249.99, available at

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Leikas-Homolya

CrossPoint Waterproof Socks

Soggy stockings are now, thankfully, a thing of the past. The three-layered formula found in these Crosspoint Waterproof Socks from Showers Pass wicks away moisture (sweat included), while keeping your feet warm, dry, and comfortable. Wear them while hiking, biking, or around town and never complain about cold feet again.

$28, available at

Photo courtesy of Alissa Neeley

Six Function Timepiece

Sure, judging time by looking at the sun is cool, but do you know what else is cool? Not getting lost in the woods as the sun/your clock creeps below the mountains. Mitigate the time you spend wandering through the wilderness by investing in Arvada-based Sun Company’s six-tool timepiece, which includes a watch, compass, thermometer, LED light, signal mirror, and carabiner clip that hooks to any backpack so it won’t go missing even if you do.

$38.75, available at

Photo courtesy of Logan Waddell

Mountainsmith K9 Dog Pack

Fido loves to go everywhere with you: the car, the backyard, and especially that new trail you discovered. Keep your four-legged friend prepared, stylish, and comfortable with this backpack from Mountainsmith. Its ergonomically tapered torso will keep the pack snug on your pup’s back and prevent irritation. Hint: Check out the fit guide before buying your Mastiff something that barely fits over his head.

$64.95, available at