Barrel-Aged Pump-Action Pumpkin Ale by 4 Noses Brewing Company

If you seek out just one Colorado-made pumpkin ale this season, 4 Noses’ Barrel-Aged Pump-Action Pumpkin Ale should be it. The cinnamon-forward pumpkin spice aroma on the nose of this brew will immediately put you in the holiday spirit. Ten pounds of fresh pumpkin purée balances out the sweetness of the pumpkin pie spices, giving it a wonderfully authentic flavor. Aged in bourbon barrels, this limited-release version of the Broomfield-based brewery’s 2016 Great American Beer Festival gold-medal-winning seasonal is still available in 500-ml bottles at a handful of liquor stores throughout Colorado and at the brewery’s taproom. 4 Noses Brewing Company, 8855 W 116th Circle, Suite 4, Broomfield, 720-460-2797

Costermonger Barrel-Aged American Apple Ale by Call to Arms Brewing Company

Apple picking is a time-honored tradition this time of year, and Denver’s Call to Arms Brewing drew inspiration from the popular fall activity to create the Costermonger Barrel-Aged American Apple Ale. The sour apple brew was fermented and soured with lactobacillus and CTA’s house ale yeast strain in a puncheon oak barrel with fresh Colorado Winesap apples harvested from Ya Ya’s Farm & Orchard in Longmont. The final product is a fresh take on a fall beer and the ABV on this small batch release falls under five percent, making it an easy-sipper. The Costermonger is available on draft and in cans at the Call to Arms taproom. Call To Arms Brewing Company, 4526 Tennyson Street, 720-328-8258

Märzen Oktoberfest by Prost Brewing

In German, a Märzenbier means “March beer” and its origins are traced back to a 16th century Bavarian ordinance forbidding the brewing of beer outside of the dates of September 29 to April 23. In order to get around the ordinance and still enjoy beer year-round, brewers begin making beer in the month of March with more hops to stretch out the beer’s flavor and freshness through the summer months. Prost Brewing’s seasonally-released Märzen Oktoberfest is an ode to traditional Märzens thanks in part to a combination of Munich, Vienna, and Caramnich German malts. This beer boasts a rich orange hue and at 5.8 percent ABV, it’s a delightfully drinkable way to celebrate a popular historical style. Prost Brewing, 2540 19th St., 303-729-1175

False Summit by Elevation Beer Company

If you’re a fan of darker, maltier styles of beer, Elevation Beer Co. has an excellent seasonal brew just for you. The False Summit is a big yet delicately balanced quadrupel ale aged in bourbon barrels. Notes of vanilla, cherries, and plums mingle together with oaky bourbon notes picked up during the barrel-aging process. The limited-release beer is available on draft and in 750-ml bottles at select Elevation Beer accounts in Colorado and Wyoming. Elevation Beer Co., 115 Pahlone Pkwy, Poncha Springs, 719-539-5258

Pumpkin Ale by Upslope Brewing Company

Brewed with copious amounts of locally-harvested organic baby bear pumpkins and a subtle blend of six spices, Upslope Brewing Company’s Pumpkin Ale continues to be one of the Boulder-based brewery’s most popular seasonal releases. It’s a Great American Beer Festival gold-medal-winning beer, and for good reason. The Pumpkin Ale’s ABV falls just under eight percent, making this dangerously delicious brew one that will sneak up on you this fall season if you’re not careful. Upslope Brewing Company, 1898 S. Flatiron Ct., Boulder, 303-396-1898

The Kaiser by Avery Brewing Company

Massive, brazen, and bold are the three words that Avery Brewing Company uses to describe its award-winning seasonal, the Kaiser, a huge Imperial Oktoberfest beer released each fall. A blend of German speciality malts give this caramel-colored beer its sweet, malt-forward flavor which is enhanced by a variety of German hops and a German lager yeast strain. The Kaiser has gained a big following over the years and it flies off of the shelves each fall when it’s released. Although the beer is already sold out at the Avery taproom, it’s still available in six-packs at Avery retail accounts throughout the Denver metro area. Avery Brewing Company, 4910 Nautilus Ct., Boulder, 303-440-4324

Double Dunkel by Wibby Brewing

Dunkels, or dark German lagers, are an excellent way to usher in chillier weather, and as one of the state’s most notorious lager-only breweries, Wibby is making a handful of delicious dunkel brews. The Double Dunkel—an imperial dunkel brewed with chocolate malt and cacao nibs—is lagered (stored) on Madagascar vanilla beans and is every bit as smooth, crisp, and flavorful as a dark German lager should be. Its deceptively high ABV (7.5 percent) is welcome on the coldest of Colorado fall days. Wibby’s Double Dunkel is available in six-packs at Colorado liquor stores. Wibby Brewing, 209 Emery St., Longmont, 303-776-4594

Patchy Waters Pumpkin Ale by Holidaily Brewing Co.

Holidaily Brewing Company, based in Golden, has made a name for itself in the craft beer community as one of only eight dedicated gluten-free breweries in the country, and a female-owned brewery at that. Holidaily uses millet and buckwheat instead of barley and wheat to create its wonderful offerings. Its recently released pumpkin beer, the Patchy Waters Pumpkin Ale, is spice-forward on the nose, melting into a pleasant pumpkin flavor on the palate. Four-packs of 16-ounce cans are available at liquor stores in the Denver metro area. Holidaily Brewing Company, 801 Brickyard Circle, Unit B, Golden, 303-278-2337