danielDaniel Gonzales’s list of lovable quirks in this month’s 5280 was only the beginning of his many off-beat charms. Here, he shares much more. Best local date: I always take my dates out for some sort of foreign food. Ethiopian is huge. I like to catch my dates off guard, and they have to eat with their hands off a big communal plate. Fantasy vacation: Backpacking through East Asia. Weekend whereabouts: I’m with my friends at either JR’s, Compound, or Tracks. I moved here to escape L.A. so one place you won’t find me is I-70. iPod embarrassment: “Butteryfly” by Crazytown.

Biggest influence: Peterson Toscano who lived in a religious, gay conversion camp, before he eventually came out of the closet and became a leader in gay activism. Guilty pleasure: Chimichangas from Tacos Rapidos at Evans and Federal. Most embarrassing moment: After a night of drinking in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, I fell into a roadside open sewer, which fortunately was filled with mostly rainwater. On the bucket list: Designing a custom home for a friend or loved one. Also, I’d like to appear on a national level TV program through my activism. Send Daniel an e-mail via singles@5280.com.