ericEric Trujillo is a man of varied interests. In this month’s romance issue, he mentions several hobbies–classic movies, foreign travel, and running with his dog. But that’s only the beginning. Where to meet a woman: Art gallery. Once-in-a-lifetime moment: I saw a giant stingray when I was on vacation in Cozumel. I’d gone for a jog, and I was standing above the beach when a big, huge mass slid through the ocean. It was breathtaking. Nickname: Evil. Childhood crush: Barbara Eden. You’d never guess: I’m a pinup artist. I have about 28 women in my body of work, as limited edition prints, and a huge following of private collectors.

iPod embarrassment: Duran Duran. Part of his charm: I have to be around animals. I grew up on a farm. Now, I have a dog, cat, and two rats. On the bucket list: Snowboarding in Chile. Send Eric an e-mail via