Gina Comminello professes a weakness for men with strong noses and great smiles (think Richard Gere and Matt Lauer) in our February issue. The mom of two, though, is flexible when it comes to dating, as long as it involves good food, drinks, and laughs. Great night out: Live music, good friends, and cheers to a Grey Goose martini with a twist. Ideal date: Candlelit home cooked dinner, great music, champagne at Corridor 44. Part of her charm: I’m very stubborn and committed to my morals. And I have a huge closet that’s always a mess. Also very loyal Deal-breaker: Socks and sandals, bad hygiene, emotionally devoid. And mean people.

On her nightstand: Something to read, essential oil, mints, candles, CDs. iPod embarrassment: “Kiss” and “Purple Rain” by Prince. Biggest fear: Definitely spiders. And huge ocean waves Where to meet a guy: Online, hiking, social events, exercise classes, grocery stores. Send Gina an e-mail via