When he’s not developing designs for companies like Denver Water and Noodles & Company, Mike Sukle spends time with his boys–and at Home Depot, as he told us for this month’s Single in the City feature. But sweet breakfast treats and a good meal can also distract this eligible bachelor. Great night out: Dinner at Table 6, a movie at the Esquire, or an art show. Celebrity crush: Cindy Crawford. On his nightstand: A color printer. Where to meet a woman: The bar at Pasquini’s.

Once-in-a-lifetime moment: I would say the birth of my son. But then I had a second son, and it was equally incredible. Guilty pleasure: Pop-Tarts. You’d never guess: I’m in advertising, but rarely watch TV. Biggest influence: My Aunt Mary. She immigrated to this country, didn’t have an easy life or a lot of money, but there wasn’t anyone who would do more for other people. Send an e-mail to Mike via singles@5280.com.