In this month’s issue of the magazine, Nancy confesses a thing for Bruce Springsteen and Steuben’s brunch. But George Clooney and celebrity gossip are also on her list of faves. Part of her charm: I have the worst singing voice–ever–but it doesn’t stop me. Celebrity crush:Â George Clooney. Looking for: A partner in crime to share my sense of adventure. Biggest influence: My mother. I’m a very confident person, and I attribute that to the love she has instilled in me.

Guilty pleasure: Reading trashy celebrity gossip. Philosophy to live by: Laugh at yourself. If you take yourself too seriously, you’re going to live a long, boring life! Deal-breaker: Smoking. It’s so early-1990’s, and not cool. You’d never guess: I can fix a flat tire. E-mail Nancy via