It was either a slow news day for 9News or they have sunk to a new low in determining what is newsworthy.

I’m not going to link to the 9News story published late last night about U.S. Chief District Court Judge Edward Nottingham. It’s nobody’s business but his own. The quoted portions of transcripts from his divorce proceeding while perhaps titillating to the public are indicative neither of criminal nor immoral conduct. Topless clubs and internet dating services are legal. It’s also legal for married people to frequent them and to spend money while doing so.

I will link to Judge Nottingham’s publicly released statement today.

Judge Nottingham believes the underlying issues raised by Channel Nine News are private and personal matters involving human frailties and foibles, matters which have now become public as a result of protracted, bitter divorce proceedings. Judge Nottingham has attempted to deal with the issues privately, and he will continue to do so. No purpose would be served by exploring these matters publicly.

Let’s move along, there’s nothing of public interest here. Shame on 9News for engaging in the politics of personal destruction for a ratings bump.