The city’s new clink isn’t yet built, but a fight over the naming process boiled over yesterday. Denver City Council President Jeanne Robb (pictured) “stormed out” of a committee meeting when her recommendation to name the jail’s plaza after former District Attorney Dale Tooley faced criticism from Latino leaders, according to 7News, which notes that Latino members of the council stalled the proposal because no Latino names had been proposed for the Denver Justice Center’s courthouse, jail, or plaza. The committee has already recommended that the council vote to name the courthouse after former county Judge Benjamin Lindsey and Denver’s first black district judge, James Flanigan, according to The Denver Post. The jail, the committee concluded, should be named for former District Attorney Philip Van Cise and former safety manager John Simonet. The plaza remains unnamed for now. Although the council can vote to recommend names, the final decision rests solely with Mayor John Hickenlooper.