The Ska Brewing Company crew in southwest Colorado has been making good beer and listening to fast-paced horn music now for 15 years. To celebrate the occasion, they threw a party with 15 of their favorite beer makers.

If you couldn’t make it to Durango for the late-August bash—or get your hands on some Dementia, a bourbon-barrel-aged Euphoria Pale Ale brewed specifically for the anniversary—toast Ska’s birthday belatedly here in Denver with Decadent, an imperial IPA from their Robust Reincarnation series.

Blood-red wax coats the top of this 10-percent-alcohol brew, which is rich in copper color. The frothy head gives each sip a moment of creaminess, and the hops pop through quickly, but don’t fret this beer’s punch. It’s no more bitter than your favorite IPA.

Ska’s Robust Reincarnation series also includes an imperial porter and a dubbel version of True Blonde ale.

Here’s to another 15 years, Ska.

Decadent imperial IPA is available year-round in 22-ounce bottles.