It’s hard to imagine a greater humiliation than being arrested and having your mug shot displayed on TV and in the papers for three days, accompanying articles and reports detailing your alleged involvement in a huge crime, the victims of which are the taxpayers. As if that’s not bad enough, factor into the equation that the cops then pull an “Emily Litella “never mind” and release you because it turns out you didn’t know anything about the crime.

….prosecutors ordered his release Wednesday afternoon, saying they could find no evidence that he was involved in the theft. Tears welled up in Holliday’s eyes as he left jail. “I’m happy to be out. I’m relieved to be out,” he said. “I just want to see my kids and get back to work. I love my customers.”

Where does Andre Holliday go to get his good name back? How does he rid himself of the Scarlet Letter? Shame on the District Attorney’s office for not investigating the case better before arresting him and for sending out a press release branding him a criminal.

Chief Deputy District Attorney Joe Morales said he ordered Holliday’s release after further investigation backed up his claim that he was not involved….”We ordered his release based on information we are able to develop in this very fast-moving and ever-changing case,” Morales said. “Based on bank records we’ve seen, we don’t believe he should be charged.”

Hopefully next time they’ll examine the bank records before making the arrest and sending out the press release.