Driving around Denver since the blizzard has been an adventure. While main streets like Speer Blvd, Colorado Blvd. and even I-70 and Pena Blvd. to the airport have been clear since Saturday, the side streets are not. During the day, with the sun shining and the ice melting, it hasn’t been too bad. But once the sun goes down and the water turns to ice, driving is perilous. As my son said Sunday night, driving home from the Cherry Creek Mall after seeing the movie “The Good Shepherd, “It’s like playing bumper cars.” And it was. Yet, walking is even more hazardous than driving. I wonder how people ended up the emergency room after slipping on the ice. I only fell once, luckily not landing on a hip, but don’t let the paved parking lots fool you. They are treacherous. Give me powder. I can drive, walk, snow shoe — even ski in it. But the ice is a killer. The Mayor can talk about our hard-working snow plows all he wants, but until I see sand or something on the roads to stop us from falling, I’m not impressed. A bumper can be fixed pretty easily. It’s not quite the same with a hip.