Friday, President Bush flew into town to attend a pricey fundraiser for Republican Congressional candidate Rick O’Donnell at Charlie and Diane Gallagher’s estate in Cherry Hills. The luncheon cost $1,000 to attend and $4,200 for those who wanted a picture with the President.

How much did Bush raise for O’Donnell today? Reportedly, $600,000

All was not smooth sailing, however. A mile away from Gallagher’s residence, at a local church, Congresswoman Diana DeGette, the three Democratic contenders for the 7th District seat for which O’Donnell also is vying, and 200 protesters gathered to lambast Bush for his opposition to stem cell research.

“Are you mad today?” DeGette asked the crowd, which cheered. “I’m mad, too. I’m mad because President Bush is just a mile that way, of course in a sealed-off enclave raising money for an anti-embryonic stem cell research candidate.”

Also protesting was a group of five Colorado group mothers against the war. They want an exit strategy for Iraq. After gathering at the state capitol on Thursday, on Friday they took their protest to University Boulevard hoping President Bush’s motorcade would have to pass them and their signs on his way to Gallaghers’ residence.

Maybe learning about the planned protests made the President extra hungry Friday. Either that or he was told the food at the Gallagher’s wouldn’t be to his liking. I suspect it’s the former. Anyway, before the lunch he stopped at the Tamale Kitchen in Aurora to greet some returning vets from Iraq. Then, after the lunch, he was still hungry, and had his staff call Dan Tang of The Heaven Kitchen in Thorton, a place he’s familiar with, and ask Tang to make him up some spicy whole ducks and crispy shrimp to take with hin on the flight home on Air Force One to Crawford, TX.

Tang was thrilled to get the order and drove it to the Gallagher’s himself, first having changed into a suit and tie.