For longer than we can remember, the area between Union Station and the Millennium Bridge has been dug up, fenced off, and rendered navigable only via a confusing maze of makeshift sidewalks and coned-off roads. Whether you’re walking, biking, or driving, it’s a hassle.

It also appears to be well worth the trouble. Within the past few weeks, East West Partners and Continuum, two of the developers behind the project, launched the Union Station Neighborhood site to explain and showcase what the new and improved urban hub has in store for downtown Denver.

We won’t know for sure, of course, until it’s completed; the target is spring 2014. But so far, the project seems to be nothing short of spectacular. The revamped transportation center, with its stylish blend of classic architecture and modern flair and amenities, would be enough of an improvement on its own. (The commuter bike station is particularly inspired.) The developers are also adding several square blocks of sleek retail properties and offices (including a marketplace inside Union Station), residences, a hotel, an eventual grocery store, and plenty of green space, all of which should make LoDo even more of a destination and help fulfill Denver’s ongoing mission to be a leader in 21st century urban planning.

Check out the site’s video and let us know what you think.

—Image courtesy of East West Partners and Continuum

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