Last weekend hubby and I went to Opus Restaurant to indulge ourselves in a nice special-occassion meal. (I highly recommend the surf and turf with tuna and veal, btw.) But the highlight of the evening came after our lovely meal at Opus. We were taking a stroll down Main St. in downtown Littleton after dinner, and looked up a side street where we saw a miniature Eiffel Tower dotted with blue lights, and a sign for JaJa Bistro.I had heard that there was a new wine bar in the area, but hadn’t yet been by to check it out. Naturally, I dragged hubby straight in. The space is cozy and casual, with a bit of a coffee shop vibe, located in a charming converted bungalow. Walk into the foyer and you’ll be a foot from the main dining room/living room, with just over a half dozen tables tucked in around the original windows and fireplace. A converted dining room offers additional seating with a community table and another two-top. The menu is mostly Frenchish nibbles — cheese plates, bacon-wrapped dates — displayed on a casual chalkboard, plus wine, coffee, and desserts.We pulled up a chair at the community table, and soon one of the owners, Janelle, plopped down next to us for a friendly chat, adding to the best-friend’s-kitchen atmosphere of the spot. I ordered an inexpensive Bordeaux, ($6) and hubby ordered up a pot of French-press coffee ($2). We quickly decided that we will be back, and often. I’m already dying to drop in on some chilly fall evening; once they add a roaring fire to the ambiance, it will be the perfect little neighborhood hangout. The only downside? This cute little spot has limited hours, from 5 to 10 p.m., Tuesdays through Saturdays.