A “startling number,” 1.4 million Coloradans, or one-third of the population under 65, went without health insurance at some point during the past two years, according to a new report cited by The Denver Post, which writes that the problems will only worsen as the economy struggles in recession. Families USA, an advocacy group, wants Congress to intervene with a government plan for those who cannot afford to buy their own coverage.

The numbers are much worse than those cited last month in another study that found 20 percent were uninsured. Gordan Thibedeau, executive director of United Way, tells the Fort Collins Coloradoan, “As a society, we should view health care much like we view education–everyone has access to education up to a certain point.”

The study also found that 56 percent of Latinos in the state and 41.7 percent of African-Americans had no insurance in the last two years, and more than 83 percent of the uninsured come from families in which someone works full or part time, according to the Post.