Is maximalism having a moment? What textures are trending this year? And is hygge here to stay? We asked Anna Smith, founder and owner of Annabode, a Denver-based design firm known for environmentally and socially responsible spaces that artfully marry irresistible organic textures with modern detailing. Here, she shares the trends and design details she and design partner Taryn Steil will be keeping an eye on in 2020.

5280 Home:What sources do you rely upon to stay abreast of design trends?
Anna Smith: We believe in designing for longevity rather than for the moment. For inspiration, we especially love walking through Denver’s historic neighborhoods—there are so many interesting, inventive design details that you only notice up close! And we use Instagram to stay on top of what our favorite makers are creating.

What kinds of furniture forms would you like to see more of this year?
We’d love to see more minimal interpretations of Victorian turned-wood furniture. There are a lot of designers playing with pared-down versions of Jenny Lind and Spanish Revival pieces that are just stunning.

And how about textures?
Texture is our favorite element in any design. We are especially loving brick for floors, fireplaces, and backsplashes—the texture and color options are endless, and it can read anywhere from incredibly earthy to crisp and modern.

Annabode’s less-is-more design philosophy is on display in this efficient and stylish kitchen. Photo by Brandon Lopez, courtesy of Annabode

Are certain patterns gaining in popularity?
We’re seeing a lot of grid patterns—think: checks, squares, etc.

And how about hygge? Do you think the craze will continue?
Hygge will always be in demand. Who doesn’t like to be cozy and comfortable?

Have you noticed a shift from minimalism to maximalism among your clientele? And if so, what are they ready to go big with?
We haven’t, but our firm’s philosophy attracts a certain type of client. We believe in owning what you need and what makes you happy, and in letting go of all the extra material baggage in your life. After all, the more you own, the more work it is to take care of it.

A glimpse of Annabode’s signature organic-modern style, which blends natural materials, rich textures, and clean modern lines, all in a quiet color palette. Photo by Brandon Lopez, courtesy of Annabode

What’s a trend you’d like to see take off in 2020?
We’d like to see more companies becoming B Corps. Can that be trendy?

And one you hope will go away?
Vinyl flooring. Terrible for you, terrible for the planet.

And finally, have you noticed a shift in what homeowners want, need, or value when it comes to home decor? What’s important to them now?
I think homeowners are beginning to understand that where and how they shop has a bigger impact beyond just themselves and their homes. We help make sure that impact is a positive one.