Behold the impossible: A dress that can be worn at nearly every occasion, short, maybe, of sauntering down the aisle. Nairobi-based Zuri’s lone offering is long enough to be fancy, adaptable to most weather, and plenty comfortable (it’s 100 percent cotton), making it the perfect packable spring-vacation dress. Zuri co-founder Sandra Zhao, a 2006 graduate of Cherry Creek High School, designed the dress before traveling from her home in Kenya to South Sudan; she needed something modest and culturally appropriate but also airy enough for the heat. After receiving a stream of compliments, Zhao and a business partner launched Zuri in November 2016. While the company sells just one type of dress, the Kenyan tailors who craft the garments use 20-plus vibrant patterns. One of the first designs to sell out was covered with tarantulas. “We said, ‘If we can sell spiders,’ ” Zhao says, “ ‘we can sell anything.’ ”