Each fall, I look forward to the sight and smell of the chile roasters along Denver’s main drags. To celebrate, my dad and I have the custom of buying a least one bushel of the bright green Hatch chiles. Usually, we make an enormous pot of chile verde and jar it to smother over burritos and eggs for the remainder of the year. This is something of a painstaking process, so I wanted some new ideas when I stopped by the Denver Roasted Chile stand on the corner of Santa Fe Drive and Evans Avenue.

Pete Elliott, whose family has been running the road-side stand for 12 years, was quick to offer the stand’s signature recipe: Chile Olie’oooooooo (he insisted on this spelling). When my batch of mild chiles came out of the roaster, he popped the top off of one and removed the skin and the seeds. Then, he slapped it on a tortilla and drizzled it with olive oil and a dash of garlic salt. The results were fantastic. After my first bite, I made a mental note to use the recipe for breakfast.

What else could I do with the bushel? For Elliot, the possibilities were endless. “I pretty much eat the chiles on everything,” he says. “They really enhance the flavor. Peanut brittle! I love a piece of chile on peanut brittle.”

When I got home, I split the batch in two. One half I stewed into sauce and jarred as usual. The other, I froze for later. The replication of Chile Olie’oooooo (recipe below) is certain.

Chile Olie-oooooo

1 roasted Hatch green chile, skinned and seeded

1 tortilla

olive oil

garlic salt

If using frozen chiles, microwave one for about 45 seconds. Once warm, place on a tortilla. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with garlic salt. Elliot recommends rubbing the oil into the chile to mix the flavors. Roll like a burrito and enjoy.