What if, when you went to the doctor, you could get a massage and an acupuncture treatment along with your check-up? It’d save you time—and it might even keep you healthier.

That’s the idea behind the Terry Street Collective in Longmont. Although its picturesque building doesn’t house an MD or DO, it does feature an acupuncturist, a psychotherapist, a massage therapist, and an aesthetician. In the future, the group will add hydration therapy (read: the IV treatments that have been all the rage) to the mix.

The idea is to provide a one-stop wellness shop through a membership that includes access to all the providers at a price that’s cheaper than individual services would cost. “The benefit is it takes a more complete look at someone’s health and all the different ways we can help people feel better,” says Scott Kaier, who will be managing the IV therapy business. (His fiancé, Noel Love, is the collective’s acupuncturist.) “And the membership opportunity allows people to get ongoing treatment rather than just one-off stuff, which we’ve found is much more effective long-term.”

Kaier would know. As a senior account executive for an agency in Boulder, he’s represented elite athletes extensively and seen the benefits of these kinds of services firsthand. He plans to continue that work even once he starts running the IV therapy lounge, which is scheduled for a soft launch in June, to keep building relationships that could help his business. To that end, the collective is open to adding another wellness provider part-time, maybe someone like a nutritionist or chiropractor that fits well into the space.

We know this sounds a bit like a Boulder thing, but that’s exactly why Terry Street Collective is located where it is. “Longmont’s one of the few attainable towns in the area, so a lot of people from Boulder are relocating up here,” Kaier says. “More of that Boulderite type of person is winding up in Longmont and looking for this type of service.”

The membership isn’t expected to launch until July, but Kaier and Love want Longmont residents to have an opportunity to meet Terry Street’s providers and see if they like the collective concept. (You can already book individual services with each provider.) That’s why they’re hosting a grand opening party on Friday, April 20, from 4 to 8 p.m. Denver’s Love and Baking will bring desserts while Longtucky Spirits, St. Vrain Cidery, and Sufferfest Beer Company have the libations covered. They’re just the first of many healthy collaborations Terry Street hopes to make.

If you go: Terry Street Collective is located at 610 Terry St., Longmont.