If you’re like me, you need your cuppa coffee in the morning. Otherwise, I’m pretty useless. But I’ve always counted coffee among my bad habits — between the nerve-jangling caffeine overdoses, the tooth brighteners, and my monthly coffee bill, it does sometimes seem like it does more harm than good. (Not that I plan to give up my java addiction anytime soon.)

But now there might be a better alternative. Caffe Sanora opened just this morning at 1245 E. Colfax Ave., in that fun little stretch between Marion and Lafayette near Lounge, the Irish Snug, and the Colfax Deli. The new shop carries and serves only the Caffe Sanora brand of coffee, which uses a new method of roasting to retain more of the natural antioxidants found in the green coffee beans.

Available at retail locations in Colorado, each cup of Caffe Sanora’s (derived from the Italian word for health, “sano”) gourmet coffee packs more powerful antioxidants per cup than most green teas. Green (unroasted) coffee beans contain antioxidants but lose them during the roasting process. Utilizing the exclusive HealthyRoast Process, a patented roasting method, the Caffe Sanora brand retains these natural antioxidants throughout the roasting process, delivering a healthier cup of gourmet coffee. The East Colfax cafe will be serving a wide range of coffee specialty drinks, all packed with healthy antioxidants, in addition to juices, fresh fruit and scrumptious, local-area pastries.

Stop by today until 6 p.m. for the opening celebration, including live Spanish guitar music, and get a coupon for a free cup of the gourmet coffee. Plus, 50 percent of today’s sales will be donated to the AMC Cancer Research Center.

Healthy coffee sounds great to me. Now ‘ll just have to stop by and see how it tastes.