By now, you probably know about the ‘booch, aka kombucha, the fermented tea that’s won over the palates of Front Rangers for the better part of the last decade. After all, it’s everywhere these days, from farmers’ markets to coffee shops to grocery stores. And with dozens of companies brewing the fizzy probiotic across Colorado, kombucha’s is going strong. But where should you go to drink it or buy it? Here’s a brief guide to our favorite local brands and sipping spots in Denver and Boulder.

Kombucha Makers

If you can’t make it to these brands’ taprooms, look for the kombucha at most Whole Foods and Lucky’s Markets.

Happy Leaf Kombucha
Happy Leaf’s colorful tent is a mainstay at area farmers’ markets. The artisan producer has been creating fruity and floral kombucha flavors since 2013, and recently began offering a few of those in soda-style cans—ideal for throwing into a cooler for your camping trip, picnic, or backyard party. Visit the taproom for rotating seasonal sips and mainstays like the popular Hibiscus Lemon Ginger. 5700 W. 25th Ave, Edgewater

Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha
With a minimalist label and pleasant flavors, Rowdy Mermaid in the Rayback Collective food truck park has gained an avid following. Many of their options are wellness focused, like the classic Living Ginger variety that includes chaga mushrooms for an adaptogenic effect—rumored to improve the body’s ability to adapt to stress; the concoction is zingy and refreshing. Win-win. 2775 Valmont Rd., Boulder

Colorado kombucha makers are more popular than ever. Photo by Ashlee Redger

Upstart Kombucha
For a crowd-pleasing brew, look no further than Upstart. The company’s “kombucha for all” mission translates to flavors designed for a wide range of palates, meaning that its tea-forward refreshments are less tart than other kombuchas out there. Go for the chuggable Lemon Lavender CBD or the Chai Spice, a collaboration with fellow Boulder-native Sherpa Chai. 3095 Sterling Cir., Unit 1, Boulder

Mortal Kombucha
This Boulder-based brand’s products are crafted from filtered Rocky Mountain snowmelt, organic tea, non-GMO ingredients, and adaptogenic herbs like maca, yerba matte, and I-theanine. With unique mixes and witty names like the margarita-inspired Marg Simpson and Black Magic charcoal lemonade, this might be the coolest ’booch yet. No taproom though, so look for the drinks at area Whole Foods Markets.


To sample a variety of kombuchas, pop by one of these neighborhood joints.

American Cultures
This beautiful LoHi spot should be every kombucha lovers’ first stop. The bright, airy space is just a bonus on top of its the extensive list of draft Colorado tea brews. The bar also serves cocktails, like the Booch’mosa with prosecco and your choice of kombucha, plus beers and ciders. It’s a chill spot, morning to evening. 3233 Tejon St., Unit 107

Nixon’s Coffee House
With super-friendly baristas and plenty of seating, Nixon’s is a great spot to work or connect with friends. (In fact, it’s our go-to for a perfect Sunday afternoon.) The coffee house has almost 20 kombuchas on tap, including Aspen-based Elevated Elixirs and Soham Kombucha brewed in Fort Collins. Multiple locations