I am currently halfway through training for my first marathon. A few weeks ago, my longer training run was 13 miles, but I ended up running at least an extra mile because my sweaty brain couldn’t keep adding up the segments of my run correctly. (Though my blisters served as a potent reminder.)

Last week I forgot my water bottle, and I’ve also forgotten my gel packs. I’ve had a dying iPod and pounded out six miles in the quiet of my own head.

I’ve learned the hard way that running can be a lonely (and forgetful) sport, and I’ve found I’m finally ready to augment my typically solo training with some group runs.

That’s how I found Runners Edge of the Rockies, a group for runners looking to train for half- and full marathons. Their “A la Carte” runs—which include a measured route, pace setters, gels, water, and Gatorade—cost just $15. Which means that I might keep my mileage straight as well as meet some encouraging company who will help get my pace up and introduce me to new trails—and hopefully make my upcoming 20-mile run a little more bearable.