There’s a little design studio filled with sunshine in Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe, and it wants to share some of those hopeful rays with you. Lana’s Shop is helmed by Lana Effron, who is not only a gifted illustrator, but also a connoisseur of kindness. After a successful career as a graphic designer for Vogue magazine and Gap, Inc., the native New Yorker moved to Colorado and launched her stationery and paper goods business in 2012. Effron’s products are as bright and cheery as the artist herself. And, it turns out, she’s just the pal we all need during these troubled times.

“I had three baby showers canceled, two weddings postponed, a mom bestie with her hands full, and my 93-year-old aunt alone in her New York City apartment,” Effron says, and “every time I went to reach [for a greeting card], it didn’t seem like the right words for what I wanted to say.” Of course, the best words are often the simplest and most heartfelt, so Effron rolled up her sleeves and designed a new line of “social distancing” cards with fresh paintings and upbeat messages designed to comfort recipients through stress and sorrow.

Effron’s motto, “nice matters,” resonates now more than ever. “The world needs more gratitude, more kindness, more love, and people really, genuinely want to be that bright light right now for everyone, however they can,” she says. “Cards can be read over and over again—it’s a small gesture but it might just give that comfort to someone who needs it most.”

For an extra level of personalized service, Effron is offering to hand-write her customers’ messages and mail the cards for them. “I just wanted to make it as easy as possible for people to send a card,” she says. “I even remove the cost of the stamp if you use code SENDINGSMILES, so you’re just paying for the card itself.”