spread_fat_sThe end of the year (and the aughts) is upon us, which means an assault of Top 10 lists. Westword’s “Top 10 Colorado Schmucks of the Decade” is another notable one.

The alternative newsweekly defines “schmuck” as someone who “takes idiocy to an epic level, a moron whose fall from grace has far-reaching repercussions.” Turns out several of Westword’s favorite schmucks have also graced the pages of 5280.

Take, for instance, trainer Michael Karolchyk, profiled by Robert Sanchez in “This Man Thinks You’re Fat.” He’s the “no chubbies” guy who ran the Anti-Gym in Denver until the IRS stepped in. Then there’s Michael Tracey, the University of Colorado journalism professor intent on finding the murderer of six-year-old JonBenét Ramsey. He made the list for identifying John Mark Karr, who was living in Thailand, as the perpetrator behind the notorious Boulder crime.

And then there’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights author Douglas Bruce, who was caught kicking (he calls it “tapping with his foot”) a news photographer when he was a state legislator.

Westword’s number one schmuck? Convicted Balloon Boy perpetrator Richard Heene.

Meanwhile, in Gawker’s people of the aughts list, “Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis, isn’t too happy about his nomination for “Douche of the Decade.” The Wrap’s Media Alley reports that Francis is threatening to sue Gawker as a result.