Okay, really quick, because I have to run in a second and finish getting ready for my Christmas party tonight. (And by the way, I just read Jason Bane’s blog entry and this is a Christmas party, not a holiday soiree, so Merry Steve to everyone.) But get this. I know I’m not the only one who will spend the next two weeks in a stressed-out frenzy interspersed with happy moments of holiday bliss. Happens every year, and mostly, I love it. But for those days when you really just can’t manage it all? Get an assistant. Check out Kim McCauley’s business — It’s a Matter of Time. She’ll get your stuff done for you for $25 an hour. And she comes highly recommended for efficiency, so you’ll get your $50 worth if you need her to handle a few extra errands. She does deliveries, grocery shopping, gift shopping and wrapping, car services, house sitting, pet services, shipping services… the list goes on. She’s taking new clients, she doesn’t mind one-time holiday helping projects, and she’s even offering 25 percent off for services this week. I’m sold.