Orton, KyleThe Denver Broncos team that surprised us all and inspired hope through the first six weeks of the season is suddenly punch drunk after being hit hard by two very tough teams. First, the Baltimore Ravens administered a 30-7 drubbing, and then, last night, the Pittsburgh Steelers dominated the Broncos 28-10.

The Broncos were quick to admit they lost to a good team, and quarterback Kyle Orton (right) tells The Denver Post (free registration required) he blames himself for the three interceptions he threw, which led to 14 Pittsburgh points.

Still, the Broncos are revealing some troubling aspects. While the defense continues to play pretty well, the offense can’t seem to do anything.

The Broncos have been outscored 58-17 in the last two games, and seven of the Broncos’ points have come from the defense. That’s 10 points in two games from head coach Josh McDaniels’ supposedly genius offensive scheme.

Pro Football Talk thinks the rest of the teams have figured out how to beat the Broncos, and the old 6-0 record has lost some of its luster. The San Diego Chargers are just one game back in the division race and will be in town in two weeks to try and wrest control from the Broncos.

ESPN points out that no team has ever been up by 3.5 games and lost the division, which is what the Broncos are on track to do. That’s probably not the milestone McDaniels wants to achieve in his first year.