Playdates with a purpose—that’s how Denverite Sarah Kozlowski explains the idea behind the nonprofit she co-founded: More Than Milk. Not long ago, as a new mother of two, Kozlowski was consumed with a lifestyle centered on, as she says, “babies, poop, and milk.” Although Kozlowski was eager to be involved with her community, she often found it difficult to volunteer because of her strict schedule dictated by her newborns. So Kozlowski and co-founder Amy Cahill started More Than Milk to connect mothers with meaningful charities by arranging kid-friendly volunteer activities, such as working with Project C.U.R.E. to compile medical kits for kids in Niger. “Moms are a highly energetic group, and no one was connecting moms with organizations,” Kozlowski says. “This is about teaching our children philanthropy from an early age and moms being more than milk, doing more than breast-feeding.”