If you’re looking for a gallery experience that’s more hands-on than hands-off, check out the new Next Stage Collaborative, located in the Denver Performing Arts Complex across from the Buell Theatre.

In a joint effort between Denver Arts & Venues and the University of Colorado Denver, the exhibit—which was redesigned and built by students from CU’s Design Build Program—showcases the interactive digital design work of students and faculty from CU’s College of Arts and Media. The headset stations combine VR technology with art and science (explore How the Human Heart Works and A Dwelling of the New Man), while another station features interactive tablets that reveal social awareness messages when placed in front of graphic banners.

“I really like the idea of designing the system but not making the piece; so people who come into the gallery make the piece themselves. Interactive work allows the audience to participate in what they’re seeing instead of being a passive observer,” says Bryan Leister, CU associate professor of digital design.

CU students and faculty will be on-site to guide you through their exhibits, and visitors can expect to experience even more interactive work until spring.

“To be able to bring the opportunity [for] people to engage in the arts, hands on, I think is pretty special and these are going to be for patrons of all ages,” says Dorothy Horrell, CU Denver chancellor.