The blanket of snow covering Denver apparently makes the arrival of the 2011 National Western Stock Show & Rodeo feel official. The stock show, which opened late last week, didn’t suffer because of the weather on Sunday. Rather, as spokeswoman Bonnie Blitz tells The Denver Post, “When it gets cold, people think ‘stock show.'” That’s good news, considering the event, which runs through January 23 this year, brings an estimated $85 million into the city’s economy annually. But that cash could go into a deep freeze if speculation that the stock show may soon move comes to fruition. It’s an old rumor based on concern that the activities may have outgrown the event’s complex north of downtown.

7News asks Paul Andrews, the new president and chief executive of the stock show, if there is a timeframe for a decision. “We’re excited to be here in the center of Denver,” he responds. “We’ve designated a committee called the long range planning group that is actively looking at that for us.” Andrews briefly touches on the matter with the High Plains Journal, saying the event still has potential to grow: “I want to take a look over the course of the upcoming show to look at what goes on and to work with everyone as they go about getting ready for the next year. I’ll have a much better idea of what will happen as we go forward. I won’t be surprised if we don’t have record attendance this year.”