For decades, we thought we knew about the keys to a healthy lifestyle: diet and exercise. As technology has introduced more screens and less relaxation into our lives, though, another buzzword has entered our wellness vocabulary: mindfulness. This concept revolves around a more holistic approach to health, which mostly means that you’re “present in the moment” (thanks, yogis).

Evergreen-based naturopathic doctor James Rouse is right on this trend with his health program, Well & Company. Co-founded with entrepreneur Maigread Eichten last April and launched in Denver in August, Well & Company revolves around what it calls the “Daily High Five”: optimism, mindfulness (ding, ding, ding!), nutrition, movement, and gratitude. To motivate participants to keep up with these five practices, Well & Company employs “community guides,” who sell the company’s three nutritional supplements and encourage clients individually or in group settings.

On February 19, for example, Denver community guide and founder of Complete Nutrition Alliance, Gerri Kier, will host an event that discusses functional nutrition (read: how the food you eat is helping you achieve your goals). We can have Fitbits, which are cool,” says Rouse, who practiced in Denver for more than 20 years before moving to Evergreen. “We can have DVDs, we can have other incredibly powerful instruments, but the biggest driver is community. When we see someone mirroring what we’d love to have more of or showing that possibility by demonstration, it rallies us.”

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Well & Company’s nutritional products—Wake Well, Revive Well, and Rest Well, the last of which was released just last month—work along with the company’s “Daily High Five” principles. Each reduces stress and prepares the body to become more or less energetic, depending on the time of day. The energizers (Wake Well and Revive Well) incorporate B vitamins and antioxidants like green tea to increase your metabolism while the relaxer (Rest Well) includes natural substances, such as passion flower and lemon balm, which help calm your brain. (Each of these products costs $49.50 for a month’s supply—30 Wake Well or Rest Well sticks of powdered drink mix or 60 Revive Well gummy chews—with discounts for preferred customers who automatically receive a new shipment each month.)

Rest Well, in particular, stands out—not just as an alternative to a sleeping pill but as a ritual that tells your body to start winding down. “Now, we expect to be watching dramatic television or using social media up until 11 o’clock or midnight and then going to sleep,” Rouse says. “The brain is going, ‘Are you kidding me? You’ve neurochemically turned me upside down—I just watched a horror movie and now I’m supposed to go to bed?’ It’s about how you bookend your day: moving from the human doing to the human being at night.”

Contact Well & Company director of guide development Nancy Golya for details about local events, and visit for more information.

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