18th and Champa and 12th and Elizabeth do not bring forth images of crime to me. Unfortunately, they were the site of a scary carjacking Friday morning, around 4:30 a.m. The two carjackers boarded a Super Shuttle headed to the airport at 18th & Champa. The van proceeded to pick up another passenger at 12th & Elizabeth. The driver alighted to help the newcomer with her bags, and the men sprang into action, robbing the other five passengers and hijacking the van. At 14th & Detroit, the pair let the other passengers out. Neither the van nor the carjackers have been found. The passengers made their flight and had their fares refunded by Super Shuttle. But the van driver is out his vehicle — and until he gets it back or collects insurance money to buy another one — his livelihood. Travel sure is dangerous these days.