Colorado’s 7th District Congressional race is widely regarded as one of the hottest in the country. It’s the seat being vacated by Rep. Bob Beauprez. On the Republican side, there is Rick O’Donnell. For the Democrats, Peggy Lamm, Ed Perlmutter and Herb Rubenstein will face off in the primary.

My phone rang today and it was Peggy Lamm was on the line. She’s an avid reader of blogs (as, by the way, is Angie Paccione.) I asked Peggy if I could ask her a few questions, and she graciously agreed.

I asked her how would she describe the differences between her and Mr. Perlmutter. She answered:

  • She has a stronger and superior record of support for public education, the environment and gay and lesbian rights.
  • She has a “spine” and is an independent fighter. She will stand up to Republicans. She is a more effective advocate. Ed, she said, is more of a “go-along, get-along kind of guy.”
  • On the war in Iraq, she said she favors starting to withdraw troops now while Ed favors withdrawing them “as soon as practicable.”

She also said that as a centrist, she is a better fit for the District and has a better chance of beating Rick O’Donnell.

I’d be happy to interview Mr. Perlmutter and Mr. Rubenstein and provide their responses to the same question. All they have to do is take the initiative, as Peggy Lamm did, and give me a call. But they should be forewarned, as was Peggy, my maximum campaign contribution these days hovers around $25.00.