With several locations in Colorado and many more around the country, World of Beer has always been a popular destination for craft beer enthusiasts. Although most flock for the 50 tap selections that change daily, World of Beer also offers a lesser-known way to enjoy its suds: easy-drinking beer shots.

A beer shot might sound a little counterintuitive when you have the option of ordering a full-size pour, but in this case, it isn’t the quantity that matters. These concoctions are all about the unique flavor profiles that emerge when the bartenders (many of whom have backgrounds in mixology), blend anywhere from two to 10 brews.

Brent Peterson, product manager and bartender at WOB’s LoDo location, plans his shots on availability and spontaneity. “It really just depends on however I’m feeling that day,” he says. Peterson crafts warmer, darker shots with stouts, brown ales, and porters, and particularly hoppy numbers (called hop bombs) with a blend of IPAs. Occasionally, bartenders build a shot around a specific flavor, such as coffee, raspberry, sour candy, or apple pie.

A few of Petersen’s favorite brews for shot-making right now include Stone Brewing Co.’s IPA (“because it’s the best IPA,” he says), Bull & Bush Brewery’s pumpkin-flavored Ghoul Fuel, and Victory Brewing Company’s Hop Wallop. (Fun fact: Hop Wallop has been discontinued, so World of Beer is one of the only places left where you can find it). Since the taps change daily, however, the combinations are always different. “After the Ghoul Fuel is done, there’s a peppermint IPA back there I’m dying to get into,” Petersen says.

Like any shooter, beer shots are great for celebratory toasts, but the low alcohol content and affordability of these shots ($2 to $4 depending on the brews) make them a weekday option too. As an added bonus, throwing back a couple of these isn’t likely to induce the same sort of hangover that a couple rounds of tequila would.

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