When temperatures soar close to triple digits, I beat the heat with Sushi Tora’s hamachi no kunsei plate, a refreshing edible work of art.

The cool combination goes something like this: Strips of applewood-smoked yellowtail top twirls of yucca crisps, slices of Asian pear, dried cranberries, julienned scallion, and tender pea shoots. A drizzle of orange oil and a scattering of bright tobiko pull the dish together. Light, well-balanced, and beautiful, it’s the perfect summer dish.

Not in the mood for yellowtail? Then look for the sawara crudo special with seared Spanish mackerel, lemon pepper, cucumbers, fennel crisps, and a splash of scallion oil. Add a couple of orders of unagi and some ice-cold sake, and you’ve got the sultry summer heat beat.

2014 10th St., Boulder, 303-444-2280