Boulder’s Daily Camera reports that for the first time since stock markets crashed two years ago, people are planning a trip to be with family and friends for Thanksgiving next week. AAA predicts that more than 42 million people will travel between next Wednesday and Sunday, up 11.4 percent from 2009 in the “first important upturn since 2008’s historic 25.2 percent decline in holiday travel.” The rise comes despite increasing airfare and hotel rates, both about four percent more pricey than last year. Ninety-three percent of mountain states travelers, including those from Colorado, are expected to drive, a trend that makes sense given the relatively cheap gas prices.

For those who fly, they’ll be greeted by those new, more intrusive pat downs in which Transportation Security Administration officers may run their hands close to breasts and genitals, according to The Denver Post. If it makes you feel any better, the newspaper is also reporting that TSA screeners receive extensive background checks and training—and, of course, the procedures are in the name of heightened safety. As for the cost of a Thanksgiving dinner, that’s a bit more expensive than last year, too—by 56 cents—but it’s still about $1 cheaper than two years ago, notes Agence France-Presse.