How much crying is normal? Shouldn’t the baby be walking by now? Why does my preschooler only eat yellow foods? If you’re a parent, such questions are the soundtrack to your life, no? Sure, you can Google every child-related woe there is, but definitive answers are difficult to come by. Good news: This April, Highland’s Mama ’Hood parenting store and education center (known for its research-based resources for raising infants, from sleep groups to breastfeeding support to cloth diapering how-tos) will debut its latest offering for bewildered moms and dads. The Human Experience Of Parenting is a two-day series of TEDx-style talks that present scientific solutions to common issues for new parents as well as personal stories that inject humor into the mystifying labyrinth of child-rearing. “Our society has lost a lot of generational knowledge when it comes to parenting,” says Mama ’Hood co-founder Allison Schneider. In other words, families today are literally all over the place, and Grandma isn’t always down the road with the answer. “To fill that gap, we’re providing parents with good data,” she says. Hit up the weekend program for expert insight, yoga sessions, and comic relief courtesy of the ladies behind Denver’s own nationally touring The Pump and Dump Show. Because sometimes, even with all the right information, the best thing parents can do is laugh.