The Gist: Underwear as outerwear. Designer Laura Poretzky uses seaming, paneling, and color-blocking to define her spring silhouettes. Featuring: Dresses in a variety of styles–tank, slim, full-skirted–with a few jackets, cropped pants, and tunic blouses to round out the collection. Also seen on the runway were 1980s biker shorts. Not one fashionista in Denver should take this as a license to actually be seen in these next summer. The “It” Factor For Denver:

The most successful looks in this collection are the least complicated, specifically the very feminine but simply constructed cotton dresses. Look For It Next Spring At: Andrisen Morton Women, 210 St. Paul Street, 303-321-0404. Visit our Fashion Week blog for more designers and Denver “it” factors. Photos courtesy of Mercedez Benz Fashion Week 2008.