Absinthe, the green spirit favored by Parisian artists and writers in the last century, is making a comeback—and the folks at À Côté Bar à Absinthe will happily introduce you to the absinthe drinking ritual.

If you’re new to the sip, which tastes of licorice and herbs, order a shot of either the Grand or Libertine—both of which come from France.

At À Côté, which follows the traditional ritual, a leaf-shaped slotted spoon will be placed atop your glass and then topped with a sugar cube, which is then lit on fire and blown out by the drinker. Next, a specially made absinthe fountain will slowly drip ice-cold water onto the sugar cube. This displaces the absinthe in the glass below, creating a cloudy opalescence known as louche. When the clouds reach the top line of the absinthe, pick up the glass, toast your partner, and enjoy.

Tidbit: Although hugely popular 100 years ago, absinthe was banned in the United States (and several other countries) for its addictive qualities and alleged ability to make people psychotic. The drink has since been proven to be no more harmful than regular spirits, and the ban was lifted in the U.S. in 2007.

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