The speculation surrounding Carmelo Anthony this week just won’t stop, with Sports Illustrated now reporting that Melo is apparently prepared to be traded to the New Jersey Nets or the Houston Rockets and is open to signing a long-term deal with either of them.

That’s a departure from the ongoing rumors that have Melo going to the New York Knicks with the New Orleans Hornets’ Chris Paul to create a power duo.

Whatever ends up happening, Nuggets defensive leader Kenyon Martin tells The Denver Post he knows why Melo is taking his time.

“I understand what he’s going through,” Martin says. “If I’m Melo, I’m thinking, Are we getting better? They’ve got to prove to me that we’re getting better….Everybody else around us got better. But we’re taking steps backwards.”

The Post also speaks with coach George Karl, who says he’s recovering well from his bout with throat and neck cancer and that he will likely return to coaching the team this fall. Karl also concedes that the uncertainty around the Nuggets’ management is helping to delay Melo’s decision.