Movie stars and satellite companies aren’t the only parties deserving attention for their work in Sudan. Congressman Mike Coffman credits fellow Republican Tom Tancredo, Coffman’s predecessor in representing the state’s 6th Congressional District. Via his work on the Sudan Peace Act of 2002, Tancredo helped “end the civil war in Sudan and to allow the southern Sudanese to declare independence on February 7, 2011,” Coffman writes in the Highlands Ranch Herald.

Tancredo’s interest in Sudan began many years before he went to Congress. It was peaked while attending the Cherry Hills Community Church, now in Highlands Ranch.

One Sunday in November, the message centered on the persecuted Christians throughout the world, and one part focused on Sudan.

“We are supposed to do something about this,” Tom said he remembers telling his wife, Jackie, after the service. Of course, beyond contributing a to relief efforts, they had no idea what they could do.

The plight of the Sudanese Christians stayed with Tom for many years. Especially imprinted on his mind were photos of the Sudanese Christians being branded after the Arab Muslims of northern Sudan captured and enslaved them.