Colorado Stonewall Democrats has some advice for those attending the state Democratic convention tomorrow in Colorado Springs.

  • Only Delegates, Alternates, Candidates, and pre-approved Volunteers will be permitted into the World Arena. Family members, including children, will not be allowed.
  • No outside food or drink will be allowed into the World Arena. Concessions will be open and available inside the World Arena. It is also wise to not take large bags such as back-packs or duffels into the World Arena. Space will be tight and you will need to keep any such bag with you the entire day.
  • Once a person has entered the World Arena their security ticket will be taken and they will not be allowed back in if they leave.
  • Be aware this is an all-day event and plan accordingly. There are roughly 5000 delegates to be seated including the alternates who will be seated in place of absent delegates. Please be patient during this process as it is a large number of people to process. If you are an Alternate: Get there EARLY! Alternates will be seated for absent Delegates within their County, and within their candidate preference in the order in which they sign in. There is no guarantee, nor expectation, that all alternates will be seated.

The Mark Udall campaign has arranged for bio-diesel powered buses from 11th and Bannock in Denver to and from the Convention. The cost is $4.00 and you can get your ticket here.

More information on tomorrow’s convention is available at the Colorado Democratic Party website.